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  • Suggestions for website with user uploading

    I plan on having a website that includes the users uploading images rather frequently, ranging up to 750 kb in size. What host would you guys recommend me? I have tried with cheaper hosts like ixwebhosting and serversanddomains, but find they aren't reliable. i've also seen a bunch of "unlimited" hosts, but of course there are always limits. i'd be willing to spend a little more, since if i plan on having a large user base i need minimum down town and crashes.

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    IMO. you've reached the perfect place. I would recommend you to visit their website Web Hosting Service Provider in UK and look for a suitable package.

    If you want them to suggest you an appropriate package, you may list every requirement of yours here.


    • #3 is a great company where you can find hosting solutions quite suitable for your project. You have to make sure, though, that the images your users are uploading are legal and in compliance with the eUKhost's Terms of Service.

      The guys from the sales department will have some recommendations for you... In my opinion, a dedicated or a cloud package will be needed.