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  • The valuable coupon

    Do you think a coupon is better to use when having special offers or do you believe that they offer should show what the special is without using the coupon?

    I would like to hear from other companies

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    IMO, having a discount coupon code is pretty beneficial when there is no special offer available on the hosting packages. On the other hand, web host usually announce special offers directly on their website so in that case you won't need to search coupon for a discount over the Internet.


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      IMO. you need to make a comparison between the coupon code and the special promotional offer. If any of the two is observed to offer you better benefits, you can proceed with choosing the same.

      For example : If a company has a promotional offer on their Cloud Hosting package that gives you a discount of 5%, but you also have a discount coupon code that would help you avail a discount of 10% for the same package price, then I'm sure that choosing to use the coupon code would allow you to save more.


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        Discounts is the major factor when someone use a coupon.Otherwise there is a lot of difference between original price and coupon price.