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Virtualization Technology and Its Functioning

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  • Virtualization Technology and Its Functioning

    I have heard a lot about VPS and its virtualization technology. But, I am not completely aware about the benefits of virtual server technology. If anyone could explain me the working of virtualization technology, the benefits of virtualization technology and how the virtualization technology could help in saving money and time.

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    The virtualization technology helps companies in reducing the cost of hardware, the cost of support and the cost of upgrades. By creating multiple virtual servers, companies can save the time as well as money. The virtualization technology decreases the physical space which is needed to create a server room to store dedicated hosting servers, which indirectly reduces the expenditure of AC, storage area and rent.


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      That's an interesting insight and I suppose it's true. It's actually akin to online businesses having the ability to operate with much less expenses by having a virtual presence instead of the "brick and mortar" physical storefront.