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Hosting a Website Using 2 Different Hosting plans

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  • Hosting a Website Using 2 Different Hosting plans

    I am planning to host a forum website on a dedicated web server. But, all the graphics such as forum members photos will be loaded on a shared hosting plan. What I need to know is that, how is it going to affect my forum website ?

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    But, why do you want to host all the graphics on a shared hosting plan, when you already have a dedicated server hosting plan which is enough to host the photos as well ? It really doesn't make any sense.


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      Basically, the reason I am planning to load the forum members photo on shared hosting because, I had a free shared hosting account which I have got in exchange for displaying advertisements. And I want to make use of it.


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        If you host the forum user (member) photos on a shared hosting account, certainly it is going to affect your website performance. You must be thinking how ? Though your website pages will load faster, but since your member photos are uploaded on a shared server they will load very slowly. Everybody is aware of that on a shared server, hosting companies host thousands of websites, due to which it affects most of the websites performance.

        If you really don't want to lose your visitors, my recommendation would be to host your website graphics on the dedicated web server.


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          Thanks for kind response, but what use should I make of the shared hosting account ? I don't want to keep it as it is and nor I have time to host a new website. So, what use should I make of it ?