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VPS Scalability Vs. Cloud Scalability

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  • VPS Scalability Vs. Cloud Scalability

    Scalability is the most important factor for growing websites. For a cost-effective solution most of the people recommend either the Virtual Private Servers or Cloud Servers. Which one is better and offers maximum scalability according to you?

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    IMO, cloud server hosting solution offers more scalability. Since, your website data is not stored on a specific physical server and is completely centralized you are quickly able to scale up your resources as soon as you notice the requirement. Thus, it lets you to migrate to a server that meets your website requirements without facing any downtime.


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      Indeed, though vps provides you great features and control over the server compared to a dedicated server hosting plan, however with the virtual private servers your server scalability is straightly affected by the amount of server resources used up on the server where you website is being hosted.

      For example, if you are having a virtual private server that has a RAM of 2 GB and your requirement is to scale up to 32GB of RAM, possibilities are less to scale up to 32GB as due to the limitations of the server as most of the providers set a limit for servers. And since all of your website data is stored on the virtual private server, migration of the data to a new server will not only affect the uptime but also the migration time.

      Whereas, the cloud server lets you to utilize maximum server resources and can smartly assign the on hand resources to fit any growth. Hence, cloud server hosting is the best suited solution for growing websites.