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changing website hosting not domain names

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  • changing website hosting not domain names

    I have my domain name registered with GoDaddy and want to continue to do so.
    I want to change the hosting of the website to 1and1. I pointed the A host of
    GoDaddy to 1and1 but get a "DNS incomplete" at 1and1. What else do i need to change at GoDaddy to change the hosting of website only.

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    1and1 has a rule that means you have to change nameservers for your domain to the ones they have given. You can't just use the A record to point the domain to their server. Extremely uncharacteristic approach, but there you have it.


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      Well, if your hosting provider has the restriction or say a disadvantage as mentioned by Irene, you will have to update the nameservers of the domain in order to host it with the hosting provider or else as you are getting an error, you will not be able to host the domain with the hosting provider. You may try and contact the hosting provider to see if there is an option available for this.