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    Slow Internet Lines and Opera

    As a web master, in my office, I have a slow and a fast Internet line. So, I test connections with slow and fast lines. Some sites will open in a browser that is connected to a slow or a fast line. Other sites will only open in a fast line and not in a slow line. It is just good to bear in mind here, that some slow lines occasional operate fast.

    The question is, how do you open all sites in a slow line? Put another way, the question is, how can you make a slow line operate fast? Today, there is a solution: Opera. I am talking about the Opera Browser here. The Opera browser is in many versions. Precisely, I am talking about the Opera version 11 browser.

    This Opera browser can increase the speed of operation of a slow line, up to 5 times. It does not give you a precise number. Sometimes, it multiplies the speed by 2, sometimes by 3, sometimes by 4 and sometimes by 5. The number changes over time. Sometimes, the multiplication is by 1, which is no change.

    The browser does not do this without your permission. It calls this mode of operation, Opera Turbo. You have to enable it. It is not enabled automatically during installation. To enable it, you click a clock icon on the left of the status bar. Even, when it is enabled, sometimes the browser will tell you that the mode is disabled. At that time, do not do anything; on its own, it will be re-enabled.

    I have actually tested the Opera Turbo, and it works. A web page that does not arrive (open) through a slow line, arrives through the slow line, when Opera Turbo is enabled.


    That was really a great info. I also noticed it since Opera launched their new browser that have a speed optimizer. The only problem is that your media quality will go down.