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BT DNS problems with some EUKHOST servers

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  • BT DNS problems with some EUKHOST servers

    Urgently require EUKHOST to contact BT can get this problem solved.

    BT seem to be shifting the blame and saying it is an EUKHOST problem.

    The reality is that access to some eukhost servers is not possible using BT name servers. E.g many BT customers can not access a number of euhosts, including many VPS.

    In effect (irrespective of where the fault lies) BT are blocking access to EUKHOST servers. This can hardely be good news / business for EUKHOST.

    see this thread in BT forums .... Websites unavailable and DNS Problems - BTCare Community Forums

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    Speaking with BT is challenging, at best. The problem was that some of their DNS resolvers looked like they had problems during a refresh period (where they fetch new records). This appeared to have corrected itself when their next refresh happened.

    As they have multiple resolvers, some people had a problem and some didn't.

    Can you confirm this is now fully resolved for you? Unfortunately for problems like this we have little control over how BT react. If it was a network routing issue we can speak to some helpful guys, but for something like this, it is very difficult to get them to even admit to a problem.


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      yes it is all working again. I appreciate the problem with BT, but I can assure you it is easier to get something done if somebody like you contact them, rather than us mere mortals. Most of yesterday they appeared to be saying there was a problem at EUKHOST end.

      As customers / user we are stuck in the middle.

      thanks again