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  • eNlight

    Have just signed up for eNlight Cloud. How can I check the usage of my resources for my VM from the control panel? also is there any way I can customize the VM usage?

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    Login into your account Martin (it may still be themed like the old EUK site)

    In the middle between the buttons "Hosting Details" and "Affiliates" is your "Manage eNlight" option.

    From there, you can create your VM, configure and view usage and create invoices to upload more funds to your account.

    It's my favourite feature of eNlight - total transparency.


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      Hi Martin,

      When you sign up for eNlight, via the billing area select the "Manage eNlight" and proceed to create a new virtual machine (VM), which you can then specify the RAM and HDD usage you wish to allocate to the VM. Once you've created your VM you can also specify "VM Performance Mode". If you set it to Economy Mode specifically, it will be as conservative on resources as possible to ensure costs for the VM are as low as possible.