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  • Cloud Migration

    What is ​Cloud Migration? What are the benefits of Cloud Migration

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    The process of moving data, applications or other business from an organization's onsite computers to the cloud is called cloud migration.


    1. Scale resources on the fly to meet the increasing traffic demand
    2. Reduce operational costs
    3. Increase IT effectiveness
    4. Allows fast application implementation and deployment. So, one can focus more on development while reducing infrastructure overhead.
    5. Keep up with growing storage needs
    6. Allow remotely located employees to access applications and work via the Internet.
    7. Setting up Cloud DR systems can be much more quick and simple while allowing far better control over resources.


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      Cloud migration is the process of deploying an organizations digital assets, services, IT resources or application to the cloud. It is a business process outsourcing program which migrate total organizational infrastructure, where computing, storage,software and platform services are transferred to the cloud for access.
      Moving our business on the cloud is more beneficial for organizations. It reduced costs, improved agility, scalability and flexibility are top of mind for IT leaders and always analyze whether it's cost efficient to migrate an application to the cloud which is important to have a process in place.

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        Mannya offers best AWS cloud migration services. Amazon Web Services offers surrounding compute, databases, storage, analytics, mobile and enterprise applications.