Reboot your dedicated server via WHM

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    Reboot your dedicated server via WHM

    Can anyone suggest me how to reboot a dedicated server via WHM?


    There are two options for a server reboot in WHM panel:

    a) Forceful Server Reboot
    b) Graceful Server Reboot

    Graceful Reboot is always recommended in which the reboot will be queued. As soon as all the services are stopped the server will be restarted.

    In a case of major server load, the Graceful Reboot won't be sufficient. Then you will have to use the Forceful Server Reboot option.


      Using WHM, the server can be rebooted using the following two methods-

      Graceful Server Reboot
      In this server reboot method, all services are shut down normally and allowed to finish the running operations and then reboot the server.

      Forceful Server Reboot
      In the forceful server reboot method, all the services are forcefully shut down, and then servers are rebooted. It should be used only when the Graceful Server Reboot method doesn’t work.