Want to setup 3 virtual network interfaces (veth) which can communicate with each other. To simulate a three node cluster, each program then binds to one veth interface. Is it possible to do without LXC if possible.
I tried using:
  • Created three veth pairs: sudo ip link add type veth
  • Created a bridge sudo brctl addbr br0
  • Added one of each pair to the bridge:
    • sudo brctl addif br0 veth1
    • sudo brctl addif br0 veth3
    • sudo brctl addif br0 veth5
  • Configured the interfaces:
    • sudo ifconfig veth0 netmask up
    • sudo ifconfig veth2 netmask up
    • sudo ifconfig veth4 netmask up
Then I verified if is works using: ping -I veth0 but it fails to work
The I added IP addresses to veth1,veth3,veth5 and br0 interfaces in the 10.0.1.x/24 range. But that doesn't help.
Any ideas?