Hybrid Will Win the Cloud War

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    Hybrid Will Win the Cloud War

    Developers and enterprises will soon hit the cloud wall. New approaches will place currently unfathomable demands on big cloud architectures – demands that simple public or private models simply won’t be able to serve. Hybrid models though two years away on the adoption horizon will enable new enterprise value creation. Envision easy bursting, effortless resource scaling, and highly accelerated workload lifespans, all empowered – seamlessly, even invisibly by PaaS middleware management technologies. PaaS will take enterprises where they want to go; end users won’t know or care if they are using the public or private cloud as it won’t matter because “hybrid-ing” will be so ubiquitous.

    Hybrid Will Win the Cloud War, Thanks to Paas

    Compatibility If you are worried that you will have compatibility issues when you switch to a cloud provider, you might consider a hybrid cloud solution. If you are invested in an IT infrastructure which is not compatible with the cloud hosting provider setup, a hybrid solution will save you on extra expenses. In a hybrid setup, you mix private cloud and public cloud and get the most out of your existing setup.