Security in Hybrid Cloud

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  • solarvps
    If you are worried that you will have compatibility issues when you switch to a cloud provider, you might consider a hybrid cloud solution. If you are invested in an IT infrastructure which is not compatible with the cloud hosting provider setup, a hybrid solution will save you on extra expenses. In a hybrid setup, you mix private cloud and public cloud and get the most out of your existing setup.

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  • BryanWalters

    Yes, it is a good practice to follow. As far as installation is a concerned issue then it depends on the cloud service provider that you select to set up a hybrid cloud.

    In addition, to deploy a hybrid cloud, you have several possible ways. You can use an ESN (digital service company) to guide on the definition of its issues and to identify what it will preserve internally and what it will entrust to the public cloud. A company with an ISD can be accompanied by manufactures such as HPE and Intel, who, together with it, will study the best solution between public and private cloud.

    You also have an alternative way managed cloud service provider that offer turnkey solutions from Managed Private Cloud. Thus, they will provide you a local infrastructure coupled with data center located in your region and abroad, which, in practice proves to be a good compromise.

    However, opting for a hybrid cloud requires methodically working to avoid many pitfalls. In particular, the interoperability of private and public cloud must not be omitted. To do this, it is essential to make the right technological choices. Today, there are open source technologies or licensed platforms that ensure compatibility between the two Cloud present in the Hybrid Cloud. Anyway, whatever the type of Cloud, one this is certain, there are multiple factors that you need to consider.

    As far as VPN is concerned, then it is a good practice to follow as you can use it to maintain a secure and controlled tunnel between your private cloud and the public cloud provider. You also need to be aware of the extra costs and limits that may be involved. For ex. You will have to determine if a cloud provider supports a limited number of gateway devices or particular encryption in transit methodology. You should use devices and protocols which are supported across all platforms you may want to use.

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  • Peter Wales
    started a topic Security in Hybrid Cloud

    Security in Hybrid Cloud

    How do I ensure security while setting up a hybrid cloud? How can I make sure that the connectivity between the private and the public cloud is secure? Is VPN necessary? If yes, will I have to do manual installation?