Cloud hosting Configurations to handle 40-50k visitors per day

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    Cloud hosting Configurations to handle 40-50k visitors per day

    My site is one year old and is hosted on Linux shared hosting. I have dynamic pages on my site which generate and shows Image results. The traffic to the site is increasing and my wewbsite is getting down more frequently. For that reason I am planning to move on Cloud Hosting or VPS hosting.

    Please guide me on what configurations can easily handle 40000-50000 visitors in a day? Also, help me select which is the better as per my needs - Cloud or VPS hosting?

    Cloud hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting are two options to consider when determining how to host a website, but what makes them different? While cloud hosting provides an unlimited number of interconnected computers/servers that share access to the same data system, VPS hosting provides space for each user on a single dedicated server or group of servers.

    When considering cloud hosting, it is important to know that using cloud-based servers will limit some aspects of customization. This is due to the differences between operating systems (Windows, Linux, Apple iOS for example) that will restrict some features related to firewall and IP connections.

    Cloud hosting, performance can constantly be maximized depending on usage. This is due to having multiple servers available at all times to address the need for more speed. Cloud hosting is also helpful when one server fails; the file and the functionality can be shifted automatically without downtime or significant delay.