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    We were going to pay for a domain-verified SSL Cert, but as they are now offered free with Cpanel, there doesn't seem much point. However, is there any performance hit using a Cpanel SSL Cert as opposed to a paid for one e.g. from Geotrust?

    We don't need an extended verification Cert, just domain verification.

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    The encryption is same for both the free SSL offered with Cpanel as well as the paid one. It's just that you will need to renew the certificate every 30-90 days and also you need support which isn't available if you are considering the free option.


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      Hi thanks for your reply. Renewal of the free certificate seems to be automatic judging by the regular emails we get confirming renewal, so I guess that's not an issue for us. I understand that the encryption level is the same for both, but I wanted to know whether there is an performance disadvantage is using a free SSL as opposed to paid. I know there is some overhead in using SSL as every server request has the extra step to go through compared to an unencrypted page, so is using a free SSL likely to be slower?


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        I'm using free at Let's Encrypt.


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          No, using a SSL Certificate does not slow down any connection. But, It helps in assuring the trust of the website visitor in the Websites' regard.
          That's it.