What are trustworthy places to read reviews of webhosting platforms?

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  • cloudeanlabs
    Hello, Greetings.

    You might find this platform useful - hostadvice


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  • RichardMurray
    No idea.

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  • Ryan
    Trustpilot is a good place to start with for unbiased reviews of companies. Besides, looking up Google and FB pages of companies also gives an overview of how they fare by going through actual opinions of their users/customers.

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  • What are trustworthy places to read reviews of webhosting platforms?

    Hello everyone,,
    I'd love to find 3 - 5 places that give solid reviews so that I can research at least a little on my own.

    Specifically reviews of Shared hosting over VPS, since I don't know that I have the acumen for the latter. Beyond that, I want to keep this question relatively clean. I'll post separately about my specific hosting needs, unless a commenter feels that some other info is relevant here!

    I know a few hosts are recommended in the sidebar. Looking them up online, I get the same mix of contradictory reviews that I would for any other host albeit maybe less clearly affiliate fake reviews than companies like Inmotion, Siteground, Bluehost have. I.e., there's a lot of noise out there, and for the less knowledgeable it gets hard to sift through it.
    n.b. that I accept that there might be no definitive list of reviewer recommendations... but hopefully it's worth asking and might be of use to others as well