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Suggest the best way to move a WordPress website ?

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  • Suggest the best way to move a WordPress website ?

    How can I migrate a WordPress website with maximum ease and
    minimum efforts?
    21-10-2019 00:00
    31-10-2019 00:00
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    Moving a WordPress website from your present hosting to eUKhost requires of you to carry out the following set of steps-

    1. You need to confirm that you are having access to all the folders where you have stored your files and the databases that have been used by you and how backup is created for the same. It is always better to look for the exact details from your past host.

    2. Now download all your website files on your system using an FTP Next upload these files on your newly created account with eUKhost. In case your previous host was using cPanel, then you may need the File Manager tool and then create a zip collection of all your files and transfer these onto eUKhost and extract it there.

    3. Now you need to transfer your databases. Create a backup of these databases and then access the phpMyadmin which is readily available on your cPanel. Upload all your WordPress databases and then click on the "Export Tab". Select "SQL" in the default settings. Next, go to "Options" and select “Drop table/view/Procedure/Function”. Use "Save as file" option and then "Go". Create a new database by signing in to your cPanel account with eUKhost and then import all the content.

    4. Update all your name servers and within a day all your changes will come into effect. You should feel free to reach our customer support team for any issues.