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Why Should I Choose Managed Hosting?

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  • Why Should I Choose Managed Hosting?

    Can you provide more information regarding why I need to have
    managed hosting?

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    Managed hosting is a hosting solution whereby the hosting provider takes care of all the running and administrative tasks of your dedicated server.

    The key advantage of managed hosting that underpins all of the aforementioned benefits of a data centre location, the use of a dedicated rather than shared server, and the server management, is that the client business will gain from the expertise of the hosting provider in providing a bespoke and high performance hosting solution. Some businesses will be able to run a self-managed server but it can be difficult and costly to match this level of expertise in-house, without the economies of scale that a managed hosting provider utilises.

    Using managed hosting also saves the individual from having to purchase additional equipment in order to host their websites, including servers and networking software. Some managed hosting companies will also allow the individual to place their website on a dedicated server for a higher monthly or annual fee. This is commonly used by companies that need a great amount of bandwidth for their sites to run effectively.

    One of the biggest benefits of managed hosting is the price of the service. Many companies that offer managed hosting can offer services and bandwidth for a much lower price that the individual would be able to obtain on their own. This is because the cost and the amount of available bandwidth is spread evenly among dozens of clients that need a relatively small amount of bandwidth to operate their websites.


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      Generally speaking, managed hosting can be considered as a type of dedicated hosting and it refers to the hosting services that are administered by the website hosting service providers. With managed hosting service, customers will have more time to focus on other things because the server administration work can be completely handled by web hosts. The hosting providers will take care of their customers' needs, configure the servers and install software for their customers.

      Managed web hosting is a type of dedicated hosting which can give you much control and flexibility, so you do not need to share the same server with other websites. Besides, if you choose managed web hosting, you do not have to worry about website issues because the web hosts will satisfy all your needs so you can spend your time growing your website or company. Therefore, this kind of hosting service is fit for the people who have limited IT knowledge and limited time.

      With a managed host, you will not have to worry about server down time. Most web companies guarantee 99% up-time. As well, you will be able to purchase as much bandwidth as you need and you will have access to large memory and storage capacity. You will have greater security and increased performance by utilizing technology available through the data center ensuring your website maintains high availability and reliability.

      Managed web services are affordable to most companies due to the option of paying a monthly fee to the host provider. As well, with all of the features and functions available with hosting, it is a cost-effective choice as you are getting more value for your investment. If you are looking to grow you website, the reliability, flexibility, and convenience, of IT makes it an ideal web solution.