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Shared or VPS?

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    Shared or VPS?

    Hello friends,

    I am looking to host the exam portal. It'll help to conduct the online exams.
    So, can anyone please suggest to me the hosting service for the same? I am a little bit confused between shared and VPS hosting services.

    Hello Clara,

    As per your requirements, I think VPS hosting is the right option for you.
    VPS hosting is capable to handle high traffic spikes and high resource availability. Shared hosting is also a good option but it comes with some limitations, so you don't get the required output.


      Hey Clara,

      Online exam portal website means it gets a huge amount of traffic. So, for these types of websites, VPS and Cloud hosting is the right option.
      These types of hosting services are capable to handle a huge amount of traffic spikes. Also, get a secured environment than shared hosting services. VPS hosting is a little bit expensive than shared hosting but in terms of reliability, VPS hosting is always best.