How do you make a Plesk backup?

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  • Emma Peterson
    It is critical to make a backup of your data. Backups protect your material in the event of a disaster and provide good examples of your sites and data to which you can revert. Even though many web hosts keep regular internal backups of all client data for emergency recovery, these backups are overwritten on a rotating basis. As a result, you should not rely on these backups to meet your specific backup needs. Internal disaster recovery backups will not be a viable option for you depending on the situation and time frame for which you require a backup. Self-managed backups are highlighted in this scenario. Plesk has a backup tool that enables you to manage your backups to meet your requirements. Hope this helps.

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  • Hallie Russell
    What is the point of backups though?

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  • Clara Smith

    To use Plesk, you must first log in.

    Go to the “Backup Manager page”

    “Back-Up” should be selected.

    • You can choose which data to include in the backup in this section. The Domain setup is automatically backed up in this way. Mail configuration, website content, user files, and databases can all be included or excluded.

    • Plesk saves backups locally by default. Click this link if you wish to use FTP storage to store backups in a distant place for increased reliability.

    • You can select Full or Incremental Backup as the backup type. A full backup contains all of your data and may be restored on its own. Only the files that have changed since the last complete backup are included in an incremental backup.

    • You can add a note to the backup and configure backup options such as omitting certain files from the backup, suspending domains during the backup process, or sending an email notification when the backup is complete from the Backup settings section.

    • To make a backup, select OK.

    • This process takes some time, and when it's finished, you'll see a green tick next to the creation date.

    • You can download the prepared backup file to your local PC by pressing the downward arrow.

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  • Jamie Lee
    started a topic How do you make a Plesk backup?

    How do you make a Plesk backup?

    Can someone tell me how to generate a backup in Plesk? I am lost.