what are the features of WHM?

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    what are the features of WHM?

    why one should use it?

    WHM (Web Host Manager) is a web-based control panel that allows administrators to manage their web hosting server and accounts. Some of the key features of WHM include the following:

    Account management:

    WHM allows hosting administrators to create, modify, and delete hosting accounts on the server.

    Server management:

    With WHM, administrators can manage server settings, such as software updates, security, and backups.

    DNS management:

    WHM provides tools for managing DNS zones, adding or deleting domains, and configuring nameservers.

    Reseller management:

    WHM enables administrators to create and manage reseller accounts, allowing them to sell hosting services to their own customers.

    Security and monitoring:

    WHM provides various security and monitoring features, including firewalls, SSL certificates, and server monitoring tools.

    Overall, WHM is a powerful tool that allows hosting administrators to manage their servers and customers efficiently and effectively.
    Scott Harwood
    AccuWebHosting | Affordable Forex VPS Hosting Provider


      An administrative control tool called WHM (Webhost Manager) enables the user to handle the back end of numerous cPanel accounts. You can manage individual accounts and establish server-side restrictions using WHM. ​


        WHM—is it a server?


          To create individual accounts, add domains, manage host services, and carry out simple maintenance, you utilise WHM with cPanel.