How to Block a Website on Chrome Using an Extension?

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    How to Block a Website on Chrome Using an Extension?

    Is it possible to block a website?

    To block a website on Chrome using an extension, you can follow these steps:

    1. Open the Chrome browser on your computer and go to the Chrome Web Store.

    2. Search for a website blocking extension that suits your needs, such as “Block Site,” “StayFocusd,” or “Site Blocker.”

    3. Choose an extension that you want to use and click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install it.

    4. Once the extension is installed, click on its icon in the browser toolbar to open its settings.

    5. In the settings, you should see an option to add websites to block. Enter the website URLs that you want to block in the provided field, and save the changes.

    6. Now, whenever you try to access the blocked website, you will be redirected to another page, or a warning message will appear depending on the settings you chose.

    Note: Keep in mind that extensions can only block websites while you are using the Chrome browser. They will not block websites on other browsers or applications on your computer. In addition, extensions can be disabled or uninstalled, so they are not a foolproof solution for website blocking.