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    you should check, if file permission are 0644


      Internal Server Error (500)

      The Internal Error 500 might show on your web browser while opening a website. This fault is typically network related and can be fixed by trying the solutions that are listed below.

      1. Repair the Network Related Registry Entries
      2. Problem of Interference with .htaccess Type of File
      3. Remove the Web page Cache and Temporary Internet Files
      4. Time Out in PHP Coding
      5. Absence of Security Approvals
      6. Reset Web Browser

      If you have uploaded a file with .htaccess file type, it may contain invalid instructions.

      To fix Internal Error 500, you have to either delete this file from your server or otherwise correct its instructions properly. You may need software that lets you manage the files stored on a server computer.

      Time Out in PHP Coding
      Problems with the PHP connections may be the reason behind error 500. The interval due to time-out in loading the PHP files on your server may be the source of this error. You have to take away the external connections, if any in order to fix Internal Error 500.

      Highly Recommended
      As Internal Error 500 is mostly web related, the incorrect network registry entries are mainly responsible. You have to make sure that the registry does not contain junk or obsolete information


        Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 500 Internal Server Error A server error response code indicates that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. ...Usually, this indicates that the server cannot respond with a better 5xx error code.