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  • Horror and mysteries

    What do you think about those? Are those good niches to start an online business in? I notice today there are more and more new websites and forums targeting the niches.

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    May be good niche, life is itself full of mysteries in deep..


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      If those sort of things appeal and come naturally to you, then you should do good in the genre especially if you know how to market to your target audience.


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        Re: new websites and forums targeting the niches

        Both name already taken by dot com


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          Or you could look to do something in the Historic Fantasy genre as this is one of the largest growth genres of the last few years in terms of literature. It depends on what you intend to do with the theme and how you expect to turn it into a profit making venture; no point in spending time and money unless you are either going to make money from it or view it as a hobby.
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