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Can your iPhone or Blackberry help in managing your Online Business?

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  • paul
    For managing email, contacts, customer relationship management and performing different tasks, I think both are quite helpful.

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  • compserv
    What about Android (or Windows)

    Why limit it to iPhone and Blackberry. Android also provides integration with Exchange Server, as will a Windows phone.

    I also like the idea that Steve Jobs is not controlling my life. Google seems much less invasive than Apple. (Obviously that doesn't apply to the Blackberry).


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  • Can your iPhone or Blackberry help in managing your Online Business?

    Do you have an Online Business? Are you willing to promote it? You might be too busy to manage it though, ain't you? Let us discuss something that can help you to manage your Online Business even if you don't have enough time for the same.

    I have a thorough solution for this kind of problems. Wondering if it is a fully managed hosting solutions that I am talking about? Yes, it is somehow correct, however, not the complete solution for a successful Online Business because you can't rely only on your hosting provider. There are some cases where clustered servers may also face downtime. In order to avoid any such issues, you can monitor as well as manage your websites via iPhone or Blackberry. These two business phones are compatible with internet and you can easily access control panels like cPanel or Plesk via iPhone or Blackberry.

    Blackberry and iPhone features as a Business Mobile:

    Everyone is aware of iPhone and Blackberry's unparalleled features. Today I will discuss it's amazing key benefits as a business mobile. You can integrate iPhone and and Blackberry with Microsoft Exchange as well as Zimbra which providers user secure emails, calendar, and contacts keeping them up to date wherever they are. Also, the full-featured Safari browser provides access to your websites or control panel from where you can manage it easily on move. Both the phone delivers secure access to business/corporate intranets so that the users can access their company’s website/resources from anywhere in the world.

    Hope this helps you. Each mobile company launches a new phone every next day, obviously everyone promotes their brands. In this huge quantity, at times it leaves us puzzled which one to go for. Hence I thought of sharing the information I have about Blackerry and iPhone. You are most welcome to add the unlisted features.