How can I start an online Clothing business from scratch?

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    How can I start an online Clothing business from scratch?

    I have the person to make the site, some suppliers. I have never own a business before and tought starting an online Business might be a little less expensive than an actual store.
    Any places offering some kind of training? how do I make my site known?

    Please help! I need suggestions, links, ideas, etc if you have an online business tell me if you recommend it as my first business.

    PS: Ebay is not an option for me.
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    The first thing you will have to do is to contact a webdeveloper and get your site built or you can install content management software's such as Joomla on your site.After that you would need to integrate your site with a payment gateway such as paypal where you will receive the payments . In order to integrate your website with paypal please click here



      Hi Anna,

      I would suggest setting up a zen cart (ecommerce) website, its a relatively cheap setup cost.

      There are numerous templates avaliable for the program, and it has a simple to use admin panel.

      You could sell any type of clothing your like.
      We have helped many customers setup on similar installation selling novelty gadgets and Food stores.

      If we can help you with this please drop me a line.
      [email protected]



        You both are right, but considering the fact that this is her first website and have a person to take care of the web design and development, this isn't the issue as it seems. Her basic question is how she can make her site known across the individuals over the web.

        So, Anna there are certain points that you should have described such as the audience that you wish to target and their geo-locations. For example, if they would be from the UK, then having a domain name with a or extension can be helpful. Secondly, your web developer should be enough skilled in developing Search Engine Optimization friendly webpages and the urls.
        Then, once these aspects are executed correctly, you must starting working on the aspect of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. If you aren't aware of SEO, then there are multiple SEO providers whom you can contact, they can help you with getting a good exposure over the world wide web.

        Oops I forgot to mention a very important point, please DO NOT compromise on hosting, it is one crucial aspect thats going to decide the success of your business. A affordable web hosting yet reliable provider such as Eukhost can be considered.


          You asked about promoting your website. Social media is one valuable website marketing tool. You can also include the name of your website with a live (clickable) link within all of your emails. Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree about the importance of a good web host. Relatively speaking, web hosting is such a tiny expense. It doesn't pay to skimp on a few dollars here and there. You need reliability for your visitors and search engines.


            Re: How can I start an online Clothing business from scratch?

            first you have to design web site for your business. add some stores on your web site, and do marketing for that, then you will be able to generate ROL from your web site.


              Re: How can I start an online Clothing business from scratch?

              Plan the website properly first, plan about what you would like to have on the website. In accordance with the web hosting requirements, make sure to select an appropriate web hosting platform along with a CMS. Usually people prefer using Magento for establishing an eCommerce website as it offers with a wide range of features for enhancing the functionality of an online store. Make sure that you are selecting the best web hosting platform as in the eCommerce industry any downtime can mean a direct loss of the business.


                Re: How can I start an online Clothing business from scratch?

                Steps to Start a Business From Scratch
                by Owen E. Richason IV, Demand Media

                The adage "start from scratch" means beginning a project with various pieces and incorporating each piece into the project to make one cohesive product. Starting a business from scratch is where most small business owners begin, taking a passion and skills and combining each with real world applications. Opening a new business takes simple planning and proper use of resources.
                Evaluate Resources

                Resources, simply put, are tools available to an entrepreneur when beginning a new business venture. Most often, resources are composed of a desire to achieve independence using money, sweat equity, experience, knowledge and skill. For instance, an entrepreneur with good language skills might open a tutoring business or a person who is well practiced in cooking might open a home chef business or a restaurant. An entrepreneur should list her qualities, skill set and experience along with cash on hand and available equipment to evaluate how many resources already exist.
                Determine Legalities

                Before actually doing business, an entrepreneur should research and learn all legal requirements, such as but not limited to: filing articles of incorporation or articles of organization, registration of the business' fictitious name or Doing Business As name, obtaining an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service, applying for necessary licenses and operating permits such as a retail resale license. Some businesses will need only one or two licenses while other businesses may need multiple license. For instance a retail clothing store may only need a retail license but a mechanic's garage may need environmental permits, business license and certification with the state, county or municipality.
                Transition Strategy

                Many small business owners test the market before opening a full-time company, choosing to work part time to evaluate how the product or service is received and what level of demand exists. If the product or service is well received and a profit can be made on a regular basis, a transition strategy is required to take the business from part-time to full-time. Recording and reviewing operating expenses to surmise how much additional earnings are necessary to meet overhead and turn a profit large enough to make a living. By determining the current versus future earnings, a part-time business can become a full-time business.

                Marketing is crucial to the success of any business. Some business owners choose to develop a niche business while others develop a brand name to compete in the marketplace. As an example, a person with an extensive knowledge of wines opens a retail wine and cheese store, specializing in wines from Italy or from California or a person with fashion experience launches a new clothing line. Starting a business from scratch will require marketing tools, such as using social networking websites, distributing fliers, email marketing, offering discounts or specials, and eventually running print, radio or television advertising.


                  Re: How can I start an online Clothing business from scratch?

                  To cut it down and get to the core aspects, an ideal startup should ideally follow the below steps :
                  - Have a Business Plan
                  - Identify the targets (People & Geographies)
                  - Identify the Right tools
                  - Plan a strategic goal (long & short term)
                  - Prepare a Execution/Implementation Plan and make appropriate changes whenever required
                  - Measure it
                  - Evaluate and fill in the gaps

                  This should be it. Please list the other aspects if I've missed out on any.
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                    Re: How can I start an online Clothing business from scratch?

                    If you are planning to start an online clothing store business, one thing that will surely work for you from marketing perspective is getting banner advertisements. You can plan on getting banner ads on the prominent social networking websites, article websites, forums and communities where you think you will find your target audience.


                      However, starting a successful online clothing store is not just buying a domain and advertising. A successful store depends on the niche you have chosen, the brand you create and the quality, not only your clothes, but also your site, the customer service you offer and perform.

                      Here are some steps you should consider to start a clothing business from scratch.

                      Step 1: Choose Your Online Clothing Store Niche
                      Step 2: Choose Your Online Clothing Store Products
                      Step 3: Choose Your Online Clothing Store Business Model
                      Step 4: Outline Your Online Clothing Store Business Plan
                      Step 5: Creating Your Online Clothing Store
                      Step 6: Launching Your Online Clothing Store
                      Step 7: Bringing Traffic to Your Online Clothing Store


                        Yeah, you can check and use


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                            First you need to make a gorgeous e-commerce website. Then add your product there and start marketing for your website.


                              To start a business, you can need it online website. Through the website, you can increase your business visibility to the people. Through SEO, your website will rank on Google search engine result page. SEO increases your website traffic instantly.