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  • Increase Software Sales

    Software sales can often be increased several percentage points simply by tweaking your system and making minor changes to your web page and ordering system.

    Keep in mind that a single percent sales increase adds directly to your bottom line. Additionally, many of the shopping cart changes can help reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. Effort is spent attracting customers, so why risk losing them in the final stages of the purchase process if it can be avoided with some minor tweaking?

    Here are some ways to increase your software sales and help improve your "close" rate...

    Payment Methods
    By providing a wider variety of payment methods and subscriptions, you can increase sales between 5-10%. Customers may have an interest in buying your software, but may be unable to pay using the methods you provide. Offer customers a wide variety of payment methods that will appeal to a global audience.

    Search Engine Optimization
    SEO can influence sales as much as 3-7%. Use search engine optimization techniques to increase your organic search traffic for important keywords and phrases. Investing in proper search engine optimization techniques can result in long-term targeted traffic.

    Software Submission
    Software submissions to download sites can increase sales more than 10%. Download sites still generate software sales, despite some claims to the contrary. Additionally, the download sites will often provide links back to your website, which can also help with search engine rankings.

    Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing can increase sales by 10% or more. Provide affiliates with decent compensation for marketing and promoting your software. Additionally, make sure that affiliates have appropriate promotional materials and quality graphics.

    Free Trial Optimization
    Providing an evaluation version of your software can increase sales by 10% or more. Limit the length of time or functionality of the trial version to encourage customers to purchase.

    Site And Store Optimization (usability)
    Optimizing a website, store, and shopping cart can increase close rates and sales by as much as 10%.
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    Nice tips for increasing software sales. One more tip. Improve the speed/memory performance of your software.


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      Hi there, good tips, I would add that it’s important to have sufficient information on the landing page about the security. Also the design shouldn’t be neglected and the customization of the landing page has to be flawless to avoid abandonment. Customers don’t like to be confused.
      In addition, there are smart cross-sell and up-sell techniques that help you sell more without scaring the customers away.