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  • New billing system upgrade

    We have been using Client Exec for years now and its always been fine, expect this last time. It seems the most recent upgrade does not tell the end user what is in their cart when they check out, so if someone clicks more than one item its auto added into the cart and then poof, the customer ends up with more items than needed.

    I can not tell you how many people I have refunded for ordering six things at once.
    I took a long vacation but I'm back!

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    At present situation, clientexec is a pain, but one thing I would like admit, its default order form is pretty darn nice so I don't like to suggest you to switch from clientexec to whmcs. No matter, how good whmcs is, but the fact is whmcs seems easy to handle. If clientexec is easy enough to customize or modify, then go ahead. But, to be very honest, the admin and even customer end it is not as easy on the eyes. Looks very cluttery.


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      Clientexec might not be the best solution for your site. You should try some alternatives. There are a few other billing systems, such as Ubersmith, WHMCS and WHMAutoPilot. All of them are quite easy to use and have very efficient customer support anytime you have questions.