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Is this domain worth $500 ? Need your opinion...

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  • Is this domain worth $500 ? Need your opinion...

    I hope this is good place to post. I have small question, and would like to hear your opinion since I am not so much sure because in past months/years I am involved more tech and less SEO/marketing stuffs, and this is question is related to SEO / domains.
    Yesterday I got offer from old business partner, who is some kind of professional 'domain digger' or something similar (buying dropped, or discovering new domains and trade with them). He offers me domain for $500 which he found yesterday.

    I was wandering is it worth $500? it is true that exact math vs competition is good, but I just wanted to consult with someone who is more experienced, and work with this kind of stuffs, or in other words how much is exact match important today, and again, is it worth $500? Thanks for your opinions, I am listening...

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    I don't think this domain is even worth $50 USD. Infact, it should be less than half of this price. The domain is too long and does not make any sense to me. I would suggest you to leave it and look for other domains.


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      Agree. The domain is too long for me and if I was interested in buying the domain (which is not the case), I would just buy it for $20 or so. Does the domain have good page ranking?


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        Yeah, I've got to agree with the above. He might be able to get a couple of hundred dollars (or maybe even the $500 price tag he has put on it) but only from an airline specialising in flights to Los Angeles. And I'm not sure that they even exist
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