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Warning to spammers here for SEO purposes

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  • Warning to spammers here for SEO purposes

    We're clamping down on anyone registering on our highly-ranked forum to post links in either their signatures or via posts for Search Engine Optimization purposes, such as backlinks. Regular and active members are welcome to advertise their website via their signature and we can tell the difference between those registering on the forum for Search Engine Optimization purposes and those that are genuinely here to interact on the forum.

    Members that register for the sole and only purpose to get backlinks will have their signatures / topics / posts removed and may be permanently banned. We can tell the difference between genuine topics and spam/Search Engine Optimization topics, so be warned. It creates an unprofessional image to our customers and it detracts the value of our customers interacting on the forum.

    If you're here for SEO purposes, go elsewhere.