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ecommerce hosting - having an online presence

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  • ecommerce hosting - having an online presence

    There's many considerations to make as a business when setting up your own e-commerce business online - security, data protection, legal compliance, design and user experience aspects of the finished product and so on. We've just published an article on starting up your own e-commerce store - benefits and considerations, and elaborating on some of these important attributes when setting up an e-commerce store. Have a read .

    The online e-commerce industry is thriving, and you have a huge market opportunity because of the amount of people that use the Internet, and the consideration of international business as well. I am a strong believer that the UK will thrive well in the services sector, and online is no exception. Setting up an e-commerce store can be easy, depending on what you’re looking for, what you’re going to sell and what your target audience are. And you don’t necessarily need technical or website development or creation to get an online e-commerce presence either.


    Search engines like Google and Bing make it easy, convenient and fast for us to find millions of websites that are visible on the World Wide Web. But how does Google and Bing (and other search engines) curate these “millions of websites” into a bunch of relevant search results? Well, Google and Bing algorithmically detect this – it’s a very complex process as you would imagine – to determine what website should appear before another, but the process of making sure your website is high in search result listings is search engine optimisation

    Read more: eUKhost Blog - Starting up your own e-commerce store - having an online presence
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    I'll have to have a read. Hopefully it includes "make sure you have a product or service worth selling before spending your life savings on it" .
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      Good article. Definitely make your e-commerce store design simple, clean and easy to navigate - and use colour and structural schemes for your e-commerce store that suits the audience you're targeting! There's too many e-commerce stores that have too much content and images on one page - many of your customers would find it annoying!


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        Originally posted by DPS Computing View Post
        I'll have to have a read. Hopefully it includes "make sure you have a product or service worth selling before spending your life savings on it" .
        I think that applies to all kinds of businesses TBH .

        I'd recommend for people starting up their own e-commerce store not to waste money on unneeded web hosting, so instead of having a Dedicated Server or VPS Hosting when starting up, perhaps instead sticking to Shared Hosting until your requirements change. While I don't run an e-commerce store myself, I am a web developer and now host over 100 websites owned by my customers I have designed websites for in the past; and as a freelancer, spending more money than I have to is something I don't want to be doing.
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