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5 serious errors in your LinkedIn profile

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  • 5 serious errors in your LinkedIn profile

    Is trite to say once again that our profile on social networks is our letter of introduction, argument, applied to professional networks, means that the professional profile becomes more than a resume and a letter of intent online professionals.

    So should pamper every detail of the profile in a professional network, and we are looking for work or not. So it should be noted that these five errors-by-seem obvious that some inhabit many LinkedIn profiles and do not go unnoticed by human resources professionals in their search for the best candidate for a job.

    1. Having many jobs at once

    Have several jobs simultaneously see the employer makes the individual is not focused on a particular career goal. Instead of showing as an individual with concerns, you may give the impression of an employee who is trying different things, but that is not centered in their work.

    It is best to choose a profession, one in which we gather more skills and better qualified, and LinkedIn's posture as the main occupation. All other professions should appear as "secondary" review whether the employer is interested in them ...

    2. Descriptions of experience endless.

    The HR managers do not have much time, so to write five paragraphs to explain the skills and attitudes that have developed in a job does not make much sense.

    Brevity is more than necessary. It should strengthen our main qualities in a few short lines. Later, if you like, you can expand the information in other sections of the curriculum, such as dedicated to training.

    3. Lack of recommendations

    Although sometimes it or not, or are close to the rally word or phrase easy to get along with a former employee or higher, have recommendations of customers, employees in charge or more, is more than necessary. Some experts cited in 5 the minimum number of positive recommendations that a candidate should have to call the attention of HR managers.

    4. Too many groups and associations.

    The groups you belong to LinkedIn should be consistent with your interests and what you manifest in your profile / resume online. Belong to many of them, some outside the strictly professional, only help to provide a distorted picture of the career goals you have.

    5. Controversial links

    Beware of links you share on your profile, especially those who have nothing to do with your career goals, or refer to promotions and contests. Nor do they offer a professional image of the individual who shares. Try to provide relevant information to your contacts. Employers also look at your wall and shared publications to get a picture of you.

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    Re: 5 serious errors in your LinkedIn profile

    Sometime I wonder why people endorse me for different skills in linkedin though they are not my colleague?


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      Re: 5 serious errors in your LinkedIn profile

      I should think that prose, that reads like a Pidgin English poor translation is the biggest error. Good examples are shown above.

      [Grammar and diction are not my strongest attributes ]
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      (I'm not social )