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    For newbies: Online Business: TIPS

    Hello all:

    This thread is for the newbies who needs to know ways of creating money online! A few tips here can help them lay the foundation for a successful career online. These are not scam tips where they will only lose their money. These tips are chosen to carefully guide them away from the bad side of the www, and move ahead.

    So here is the first tip, a true story to inspire you about the income possibilities... this one is with Google Adsense:

    One person set up a free online dating web site hosting and put Adsense ads on it. As the web site hosting was completely free and had a good content, thousands of visitors came to it. As all such sites require you to register, this person got the list of valuable future customers (more about the importance of the list later). Now, these visitors found great value on the web site hosting and they returned again and again. They also clicked on the Adsense ads which were well-targeted. Everyone profited... the visitors from a good free site, Adsense advertisers with sales, and the owner of the web site hosting got a great income from Google adsense.

    So, this shows how you too can have a good web site hosting and start an income, this example shows an income with the help of Google Adsense.

    Get inspired! Have a good website hosting - it doesn't cost much to have a good website hosting. Get a good host (you don't have to look far for a good host!), you'll get a good DotCom or any other TLD free with the hosting (Check which TLDs are free with the plan), plan really well and choose a good domain-name (this part is very important), design a good site, apply for Google Adsense after you have put up some good content, Keep the content unique and focused. Design the web site hosting really well. Try and stick to a well-targeted market. You can also get some free items (free eBooks that can be passed on to the visitors... you can write one yourself... there are plenty of contents & tips and tricks on your chosen topic available on the net. Gather them , rewrite them, and convert into a fine free eBook). Pass this free item to your visitors who register. for great products: there are many good Affiliate program where you can join free. Choose the product well. Again, stay close to your own theme - niche.

    The Content Is The King! Remember this phrase always. Another important phrase is: The Money Is In The List!

    Once your web site hosting is ready, there is much you can do to bring in traffic. Will come up with tips for that later!

    Wishing you the best! Remember, these tips are very simple and easy. The hard part is fine-tuning your web site hosting with SEO, traffic building, staying above your competition, using the list, & changing with times! But, get started now. These tips may not bring you money immediately, but you can have the foundation for it. It also will help you build a niche web site hosting systematically (although a very simple one in the beginning), without confusion, with focus! Think of this first web site hosting as a learning experience. When you learn the basics well, you can always build more professional sites later.


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    Dear Moderator:
    Can this thread be shifted to "Online Business" topic please! Thank you very much
    Done as per your request.


      Another tip:

      For this, create a separate email id in Gmail, Mail.Yahoo, etc, and use that email id specifically for the following purpose. This is because you're going to subscribe to many online marketers! Just to learn what they are offering, mostly free ebooks - possibly with re-rights to sell or giveaway, which can solve your initial problem of what to giveaway to your visitors!

      When you surf, you find plenty of pop-ups requesting you to join them for more details on the topic, in turn you also get some freebies! Those are mostly eBooks - these solve another problem, you get some inside details, some techniques in building your own online empire! Many of the freebies are worthless, but you can still find some which can give you real ideas and knowledge. Over the time, you can have some genuine ideas, tips, etc from good marketers. Not all are scams! There are many good real businesses which give away lot of information and other freebies. Use them wisely.

      I have compiled more than 5,000 emails just from such subscriptions in just a few months. Most of them are spams, but some are really genuine! I have also gathered many good ebooks and softwares from them, all free! When I find someone whose intention is just to spam, I just unsubscribe. Also, some have very good things to sell. If you're interested in buying them, you can do so. So, apart from the search engines, you can also subscribe to these and educate yourself further. Use their methods wisely and you'll really learn some nice techniques from the masters.

      The separate email id will not obstruct your regular emails.



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        Done as per your request.
        Thank you dear friend!


          Google reader help a lot to get favorite content regularly which let you know as well the relevant sites from where the content is generated, this can help you for backlinking purpose as you can be able to track easily those relevant sites which are updated with new content.


            Another tip

            Using Online Forums, such as this forum, can help you get sufficient ideas, tips, and further help to assist you in building your online business. Whatever the size of your business, forum discussions can assist it in various ways. for example, you can always get free advice. You can set up joint ventures with real professionals if you write posts positively.

            You can ask for a web site hosting review. Ask about marketing aspect, and you will get good advice. New products and tips will be disclosed to you. You can promote your web site hosting and will always get visitors to your site. Your link can be placed on many such forums and that will act like an advertisement.

            If you can really write well on your topic, then you'll establish yourself as a 'Guru' (Expert) in that subject and people will look forward to read your posts. Most important, your fear of the Web will diminish when you find that you can write freely and expertly. It takes time to develop this ability, but the Forums give you the entry-point for expression.

            The forums such as this will also give you help in setting up your website hosting, and any problems can be quickly sorted out by the many experts. This is a definite plus for the developer who is alone otherwise.


              Another Tip

              It is said that 80% of your online income will come from your 20% niche sites!

              It means that to really have the grand success in a short time, you'll need many small sites. We are talking about sure-shot niche marketing! Before doing that (i.e., building those 10-20 small sites), you'll have to first find the niches that are in demand. How to find them?

              To find those products (niches) that people are searching with cash-in -hand to spend, you can go to Yahoo!, Google Trends, read NEWS about celebrities/products and create an expert report and sell it for $10, ClickBank, Amazon bestsellers, or can just walk into the nearest bookstore and look at those beautiful magazines! Their cover page gives you your niches! These magazines spend a lot to find what interests the people! Those flashy insets on the cover (and also inside the magazine) are the 'HOT' products that these magazines are trying to sell to their readers. They are successful in this tactic, or they will never repeat those insets in their next issue... We all know that those ads have been there for decades! The products have changed according to the passing times, but the idea remains. So, systematically study those well-designed insets! Those products (or their competition) can well make you a millionaire!
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                New Tip for the newbies

                Once you have planned well, have a well designed website hosting (with/without Adsense), and a good niche product to sell... you should plan to get traffic to your web site hosting so you can sell.

                If you can write effectively, or can ask others to write effectively for you (with a catchy title, sufficiently stuffed keywords, an image, and a great content which is about 500-800 terrific words!) then you can drive the traffic to your website hosting! HOW???

                Will be back shortly on that...



                  One of the fastest way of getting Traffic:

                  After creating yourWebsite Hosting or Blog, your web site hosting needs to be 'spidered' and
                  indexed in the search engines. There are many ways, but the most novel and fastest way to do it is through Social Bookmarks. It can get your web site hosting indexed and also have backlinks. This in-turn will help get your web site hosting to come up in the search engine rankings also. So, Social Bookmarking is one of the easiest way to bring traffic to your well-planned site.

                  Google search can fetch you more information on how to use the various "Social Bookmarking Sites". Again, with a great content on your web site hosting and the help of these Social Bookmarking Sites will boost your site's popularity very fast, opening many avenues with it - making fast money, for example! Of course, if you can provide your new readers the Solution to their problems, or come up with a great niche.
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                    perfect guide for someone to get started

                    I will Stick this thread in this forum as information included in this thread is really helpful for a newbie
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                      Originally posted by View Post
                      perfect guide for someone to get started

                      I will Stick this thread in this forum as information included in this thread is really helpful for a newbie
                      Thanks friend!

                      There's a faster way to really tap the net and start making real money, of course, a little stream in the beginning will turn into a bigger river as the time goes and the newbie learns the little secrets! This first income, however small initially, is a big ego-booster to the newbie! They have broken the barrier -- and have made that all important first sale! How??---

                      With a little planning and initial survey they know what is selling... this is the niche that's they'll enter with a planned website hosting, good focused content, good keywords, a great affiliate product which has a great Gravity (see ClickBank for example), a few backlinks, advertise the now-ready website hosting on free ads sites/social bookmarks/forums/etc - or through PPC, getting targeted visitors, getting them to give their name and email address (subscribe), giving them a great free product, a well-written Landing Page, and gently turning them to the product. With about 50-100 visitors daily to the site, and even one or two buying the product can start the stream (almost USD 40 to USD 100 daily!) This is quite possible if a good deal of focused planning goes into the site's planning, construction, promotion, and execution. Then, start the whole process all over again for the next product... The list builds up quickly and so do the visitors!

                      Simply Enter Your Name & Email Address Below, then click on the
                      "Send me the free guide now!" button, and I'll be very happy to send you the complete details of all the above steps, and how one can Easily Break That Barrier!

                      Name: ____________________
                      Email: _____________________

                      >>>Send me the free guide now!<<<

                      [Well, if I had a real form here allowing the readers to fill in the details, I would have received at least a few new names, Every Single Day, and would have been on my way!] ... ...


                      So, this is a real simple way to start (very crude in fact!) Build up the interest in your readers, talk about them and the solutions to their problems, and then gently guide them to your great product. If they like what you are saying, most of them will believe you, and some of them will surely buy... If your product is really good, then they will most probably buy your next product too! So, this is how a real novice can start - with confidence and patience.

                      Please remember that this thread is for the Newbies who want to... but don't know how to...
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                        New Tips: Get Rid Of Mental Fatigue

                        If you really want to succeed in any business, then master the art of staying COOL under any/all circumstances. Don't be afraid to get back to Square 1 if your website hosting is not getting you anywhere. Don't fret. Check the web site hosting for any design flaws, check the keywords and its density, re-write if required, write/acquire great content which also i relevant to the topic of your site, have at least a blog on your site, get those backlinks, get Adsense, use Squidoo techniques, GET THE TRAFFIC & KEEP IT, Begin your Ads "Above The Fold Line", etc, and ...

                        BE POSITIVE & STAY CALM. Take a holiday from the website hosting if that's going to help you start fresh. Cheers!

                        If you don't have a website hosting yet, hurry! Get one now. Plan well & execute those plans. The world is getting closer today mostly because of the internet, and a presence on the net is must for any business and individuals too.


                          Getting Back-Links To YourWebsite Hosting: Tips:

                          To read, click the following link

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                            Originally posted by sb123 View Post
                            It is said that 80% of your online income will come from your 20% niche sites!
                            Great tips but I had to note the above, the 80/20 rule applies with most anything I have ever seen. Online or offline it works, and it does not vary the type of work you do, its just a life long rule I think.


                              Great tips thanks for sharing