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  • Great Recommendation - UK Affiliate Program

    Hello everyone,

    As you can see from my status...I'm a newbie!!! i've heard alot about this forum and apparently its great for exchanging ideas, info and programs!! So thought i would try it out...

    Plus I want to let you know about this wicked affiliate program that i have been in participating in for the last 6 weeks and its making me a sweet income!!

    Take this as my welcome present to all...

    Right, not sure what the rules and regs on posting links are but try out tolunadotcom and at the bottom click on partner with us.

    I signed up about 2 months ago and afterwards thought i would not really bother with it but boy I am glad i did!

    I got 20 for signing up, I got my own access panel with direct access to all of their advertising formats, they have loads of styles and formats, plus they provided me with 24/7 real time reporting...So i went live with one of their campaigns with a banner on my website hosting and an insertion into my newsletter. Within a week i had 100 in my account! I could not believe it!!!

    So guys go and check it out and start sharing in the money pool! There are no caps, I am getting 1.40 for each lead which goes up to 1.45 after 800 registrations are made and they pay directly into your bank account every month!!! Plus the AM genuinely cares and helps!

    So here is my welcome present to you all...its a great opportunity so dnt miss out on it!

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    If anybody is having difficulty accessing Toluna you can find a link on my web web site hosting click button to Create Income and its part way down the page.