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  • Google Map Showing Text ads

    Google started showing adsense text ads at the bottom of Google Maps, this is the area I think only left by Google to show adsense ads, though it might be on testing phase but I think the Map based advertising will boost up the scope of location based advertising such as for real estate, hotels, restaurants and other local services that need such advertising to cater local market.

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    What a good idea! Nothing more to say than more revenue for Google too


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      GOOG - Google Inc. - Google Finance

      Google's stock has hit a 3-year low now, and come down from $510 to $330 since Aug 15, 2008 (almost a one-third loss in less than 2 months). Will it fall further?

      Nothing that they do is pulling that figure up. Check the above link to get the idea: check for 3m, 6m, 5y zoom levels. May be, this is why Google is using all it can with Ads to make some required profits.


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        This has connection:

        What do you think about tithing as a part of the FORCE that not just saves us ECOnomically, but spiritually too?

        I will say here with complete humbleness that my family really saw the power of Tithing when done correctly. Our own economical down-slide (to just name one, as this is in context of what's happening to the World at this moment) was REVERSED when we had nothing, yet began tithing with RESPECT, HUMBLENESS, and LOVE for others. We began following Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's (who has really taught me the Real Meaning of the Holy Bible) suggestions, and we received the greatest blessings.

        Another huge positive difference happened when I fought AND WON the greatest battle of my life against someone (a company) that did great injustice, had great greed and powerful people with them (yes, they had the greatest power on Earth to help them, but, I believe, the REAL GREATEST POWER was never with them). Of course, I faithfully asked for God's help and believed every moment that IT was granted. I remembered HIS INFINITE GRACE and LOVE all the way... I still do with same fervent.

        For me, tithing with complete humbleness and in faith has become a way of life.

        I had tried everything but nothing was really succeeding. Then I really lived Dr. Peale's words of wisdom and everything got reversed for better!

        Someone may need these words to really reverse.... well, even the great Google can, even if this isn't a real crunch situation for them... and many others like the way I once had... Of course, I am nowhere and nobody compared to them, but the situation may still be comparable.

        Remember, With HIM everything is really Possible!


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          It's sure that Google is putting much efforts on geographic influence in ad targeting algorithm to attract advertisers and enhance geo-targeting feature of adword but what surprise me, they're experimenting to provide users a "Digg Style Voting On Search Results system" that's seems crazy idea! if implemented it will change the way we search today. Is that's the Future Of Search?
          More insight on this;


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            Just hope they don't start putting ad's on the google maps api?


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              Originally posted by mark_1983 View Post
              Just hope they don't start putting ad's on the google maps api?
              lol. They might have thought of same as recession period has been bad for Google as well.
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