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How can i start home business without much capital?

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    Originally posted by anurdh65 View Post
    I cannot get clear details from this website is their any more websites
    Which site you're referring?


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      It depends also on what you mean by investing capital. There are several ways to earn money on line like article writing. Check out some of the freelancer websites like elance. You can earn money that way and then reinvest it in your on line business, thereby costing you nothing out of pocket.


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        A bit late to the party however you could try dropshipping to start with you won't actually need any physical inventory. Your dropshipper will send the items directly to your customer.

        Your details will appear on the packaging so it appears to have come directly from yourself.

        The downside is if the supplier has stock issues with an item and there normally an extra couple of days lead time depending on whether the items being shipped are stocked in the UK or abroad.


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          I'm working from home, with my blog, and I already generate some good income. I think we can make a living from blogging, as I'm already generating a good income, plus if you use some of the programs I use, such as BANS, phpBay, then you'll certainly be able to make a decent income. The only problem is that you still need to invest some money to make a decent income online. Before, I didn't spent anything online and didn't make any profit, but since I spent some $ for my blog (business), I began to generate some profit! Now, I am not that rich, but my earnings are growing month after month, especially from passive income (my favorite). If you are afraid to spend some money on your online bussiness, you'd better look for a day work and wait untill you saved enought money to start your online business., but if you could spend at least $500 on your online business, you will have great chances to succeed with your blog.


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            Yes, nowadays, it is possible to generate good amount of income from your blogs. Setting up a blog is not that difficult, infact, it is a really simple task and you can start with a shared hosting package to host your blog.

            However, in order to earn some good amount of money from your blogs, you will have to make sure that the content of your blog is good.