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Do we earn money from home ! is it that easy?

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    Originally posted by paul View Post
    If you're going to start with blogs, choose the genres you know something about and you enjoy, pick a genre possibly where the competition is weak..
    I do agree with you Paul, if you go with niche which is having less competition then you have greater chances for getting better rank in SE if you work hard and build Search Engine friendly content but i am not sure if you would be getting high paying keywords for such low competition niche hence can't expect of getting a huge revenue !!


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      Originally posted by Catherine View Post
      When it comes to management, as far as I know, Blogs are easier to manage then forums. Though, it's according to my experience
      I agree with you, blogging is way easier than managing a forum. Having a blog, you just need to update it regularly and promote it to drive more traffic. But in running a forum, you deal with people. You need to inspire visitors to become members and encourage them to actively participate on the forum.


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        Internet is an enjoyable way to earn if you have interest in writing and bloging. But If you want to be on peak you have to learn technical ways.


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          Originally posted by harry View Post
          i am not sure if you would be getting high paying keywords for such low competition niche hence can't expect of getting a huge revenue !!
          The low competitive keywords are low cost for adwords advertisers so as a publisher you can even find the high paying keywords in low competition niche.
          Side note: Adsense or any similar program can't make you rich.

          If you have low competition niche, the conversion ratio will increase significantly because the traffic will be more targeted. By choosing a genre that has low competition means you are adjusting the position of your focal point and the center of interest of your consumers to gain the edge on the competition.


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            Originally posted by Rock View Post
            One more to the queue I hope Noel didn't notice this one yet
            I notice a lot of these kind of posts on most forums these days. And there is always a reply some time later like the one from Alice45.

            Life is to short to bother about such things really.

            But how to make money on the web is a good topic. and one which has been occupying my mind quite a bit recently. Especially since I recently spent around 20 hours preparing a fully worked out proposal with a demo and various options for someone who approached me for an update to the web site and since then I've heard absolutely nothing from them. I should have heard the warning bells when they said they were looking for someone else because their existing provider wanted too much money for the update.