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    Do any of these really provide a sustainable income? I have considered joining Ameriplan, as they seem to have a product that I could sell and people sould use - not just some fruity version of energy water. But, I struggle to believe that the income claims are valid, and whether income potential is worth the hours of work to get yourself to a truly lucrative level.

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    Some people are indeed able to make a packet through schemes like these. But maths alone should tell you that you need to be one of the earliest people to get into that product, before its market is saturated.

    Beyond that, if you can sell well, then some people manage it.


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      Before participating any such plans, we should first check public reviews about them. Especially if there are reviews available on public forums, it might be more genuine review.


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        Well, when it comes to these type of programs, you will find many which claim to give you a good amount of income within a short time and in the recession period, many of these programs emerge and claim to provide a good amount of money :smile: Also, sometimes, you will find so many of these programs that you get confused as to which one should you choose

        Some of the people claim to earn from these kind of programs but these people are a part of these programs only i.e. they are a part of these organizations only Hence, I don't think it is a good idea to believe them. Also, you should do a full research on the company before you plan to work with it.
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          I have always been told that only those who are at the top, make the top dollars. I see tons of these all over the place and its always bad that when you seem most of them (most, not all) they are some type of random scam that people always tend to fall for.
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            I was under the impression that such schemes are illegal in the UK as they are similar to pyramid schemes?

            The only winner with these schemes are the people that set them up.

            An ex-apprentice star was outed as an MLM scammer.


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              They are basically pyramid schemes but I don't know if or how that law would be applied to them. At least, it would be a step in the direction though if it were.


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                It is very true that the top level people make money. Its better that you get this business at the embryo level.


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                  I checked out Ameriplan, and they seen to run their business very legitimately. The sponsor I got in touch with lives nearby, and is a very Christian guy. It seems fairly atractive to me.