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    I know that a lot of people may already have their own preference when it comes to eCommerce hosting solutions, but I thought I would share a little goldmine I stumbled upon the other day.

    PrestaShop! (prestashop [dot] com) It's brill - clean, PHP/MySQL based, with AJAX.

    I have installed it for a home business I am starting and personally I think it is a million times better than other free ones like osCommerce and ZenCart.

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    You can try out magento which is an open-source ecommerce web application.


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      @garygas : Thanks for sharing
      Well, before i try my luck using it, i would like to know how regular it's security patches are upgraded ?

      Not sure but it seems that it's slow in it's operation. after searching for its review I got one honest review from it;s user ;-
      PrestaShop is easy to use and install. If youíre a CSS master, you can make PrestaShop look like itís your own. But, its slow. The back end is extremely slow to manage products and maintain.


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        Yeah,I too hit one of a similar review about PrestaShop. No matter the reviewer agreed it to be a great software,but seemed to be very unhappy with the support.Here is a quote:

        PrestaShop support SUCKS! Itís like pulling teeth over there to get an answer. I have been completely ignored in 5 different threads concerning 5 different problems and I was very nice asking for help. There is one person that is very helpful when itís something he can help you with, but heís not even part of the development team! The developers release the product and then ignore you when you need help. When you report a bug, they reply that they fixed it but they donít tell you how! Now I am stuck with a 600-product store that is non-functional and customers screaming at me to get it fixed.


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          magento is not with out its frustrations.. i could quite happy fly over to the US just to give them a good kicking!

          great feature set but every release is crammed full of more bugs than they fix


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            Originally posted by ajbird View Post
            magento is not with out its frustrations.. i could quite happy fly over to the US just to give them a good kicking!

            great feature set but every release is crammed full of more bugs than they fix
            I'm, in general, not a fan of most of the OpenSource products, but Magento is an amazing one I'd like to talk of. It not only has the freedom & flexibility of an open source solution, but it also has the polish & sophistication of a commercial solution & this all for no cost

            OsCommerce is better with less bugs but lacks what Magento provides.. You may want to tryout X-Cart or AgoraCart or Zencart if you find Magento frustrating.. or maybe wait for its next release [with bugs fixed]
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              Yes, more people switch to Magento and Prestashop lately - it's true. But osCommerce still have a large community of users. I say if you want to switch use service like cart2cart in this case the data will be safe and accurately migrated.


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                Alongwith great reviews about OScommerce, Magento and Zencart, I have heard a lot about Cubecart and most of the reviews about Cubecart are good. However, as far as I know, this shopping cart is partially free i.e. only some of it's versions are free while the others require licensing fee :frown:
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                  ... We find Prestashop fairly easy to use. It's great for themes and changing these themes quickly. Bulk management of items and orders is difficult without adding new third party add ons.


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                    I would go for prestashop too. It's easy and has almost everything you need in it. As for a bulk management of items I would suggest to try store manager for prestashop.


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                      I've run a Prestashop alongside a number of other ecommerce stores, for a number of years. Whilst PS looked better back then and had a good feature set, it's definitely loosing out to the 'competition' these days. Modules are updated infrequently and more are becoming paid for. It's handling of bulk updates is also lacking.
                      I used to like CRE but its' open source moved into a more commercial nature, a few years ago.
                      Having been frustrated by getting osCommerce modules bundled together in a working fashion (over 30 contributions), I looked for an alternative, which had most if not all pre-bundled. The result can be seen in my sig.
                      I know why hosting providers like Magento - you need meaty resources to run it!
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