what is the maximum paramter length is allowed in DWR

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    what is the maximum paramter length is allowed in DWR

    hi all,
    First of all i am a newbie to DWR.
    i am calling java function through javascript in DWR. my code is
    at client side
    function callDWR(reqPage)
            	tableViewController.getQueryResult(document.tableview.expression.value,  reqPage, QueryResult);
    at server side
    public Map<Object,Object> getQueryResult(String sql, int reqPage)
                 System.out.println("sql -->"+sql);
    when u pass document.tableview.expression.value as "select * from table_name"
    then above code is working fine. but when large number of sql pass through textarea like nearly 1335 sql queries nearly 1000k lenth total then my IE get hangs and request is not sent to java code.

    so can you please help me for this bug.

    Is it hanging or just taking a very long time. I think DWR should be able to handle strings longer than 1000K, they talk of handling Mbs but that large strings will take time. Another possibility is that you may be breaking the maximum string length in your browser's Javascript implementation.