Hello friends,
I am a new member in this forum and this my first post in it. Here i want to discuss the difference between Scripting language and Programming language.
Scripting languages are languages that allow you to send commands directly to a system that executes these commands. Scripting languages code are interpreted at run-time. This means that every time we want to run the program, a separate program needs to read the code, interpret it, and then follow the instructions in the code. (eg. PHP, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, VBScript etc.)
Programming languages are languages that allow you to create a program by writing structured code that is read all at once by the system, checked for errors, and translated into an unreadable format that the machine can then execute. Programming language code are compiled before it is run. Once it is compiled, it can run any number of times. Because compiled code are already been interpreted into machine language, so it is typically faster than scripting language. (eg. C, C++, C# etc.)