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What is the difference between a programming, scripting, and markup language?

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  • What is the difference between a programming, scripting, and markup language?

    A programming and scripting language are technically the same thing. There is some difference made by convention that a programming language is compiled into native CPU instructions and a scripting language is read and executed by a program called an interpreter. Both of these things are Turing complete, in that you can solve problems in them.whatsapp web routerlogin

    A markup language is not Turing complete and can't be used to compute anything, they're instructions to a renderer on how to format output.
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    markup language is a language which is used to represent structured data. ... A scripting language is a programming language which is interpreted, rather than compiled, which means that scripting languages represent a subset of all programming languages. Visit: routerlogin &


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      The boundary between programming language and scripting languages is a bit fuzzy. Suffice it to say that a programming language is any general purpose language that is usually used to build applications or have the computer work in a particular fashion.

      Scripting languages, are usually interpreted languages which don't need to be compiled for the computer to understand them. This is overly simplistic. I'll try to make it driven moreby form than function. Scripting languages are designed to execute a set of tasks which require you to run other programs and pass their outputs as inputs to other programs. A major feature of scripting languages is that they needn't be compiled so that they are faster to modify and quickly check. Mywifiext

      Markup languages are completely different. They are designed not for general purpose programming, but for processing or presentation of text. While it is possible to program sufficiently complex applications in such languages, that is not where their strength lies.

      For examples, Java, Scala, Python, Ruby are considered general purpose programming languages. Python, Ruby, BASH etc. are considered scripting languages. See, I told you the boundaries were fuzzy. HTML, XML, LaTeX are considered markup languages.


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        Thanks for this useful info. I also have started learning all this. The Markup languages seem to be different but I am sure that i will be able to learn them pretty soon.


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