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  • PHP Script to load site faster

    What important things should be included in the code of a website to load it faster because visitors doesn't wait for longtime. Please share few tactics to make site load faster. Pm me the code. Thank you.

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    Re: PHP Script to load site faster

    Hi, I think simple site structure with a sitemap and good resources based server for hosting can help your site load faster and please don't forget to use all SEO tactics to earn reputed ranking on search engine.


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      Re: PHP Script to load site faster

      PHP code is processed and interpreted on the server through the PHP interpreter. So if your PHP script is fairly large and complex, it can naturally affect the performance of the server which is something which can of course affect the responsiveness and speed of the website in question. There are lots of things you can do to make sure your PHP code is as performant as possible; such as the use of caching. Google has some really nice PHP performance tips on their developer portal here which you may be interested in reading.

      On the client-side, this is where you also need to pay a lot of attention:
      • Compress CSS and JavaScript code. You can use free online services like and
      • Compress images as much as possible. It is possible to use desktop applications which are capable of compressing images down as much as possible without any noticeable loss on quality. On Mac OS, there is ImageOptim and on Linux there is Trimage.
      • Don't use unnecessarily long CSS class and id names. Class and ID values cannot be shortened by CSS code compressors.
      • Make sure the server your account is hosted on is fast. The speed and responsiveness of your website plays an important role in search engine optimisation. If your site is slow, this is a bad user experience and search engine bots (Google and Bing in particular) are programmed to take this into account.