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Try to get servlets working again

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  • Try to get servlets working again

    Hi there,

    I'm back again trying to get my java servlets working with eukhost, and have run into trouble getting requests to hit my servlet.

    Here is what I've done so far

    1. Created a test servlet and jsp page
    2. Created a simple web.xml
    3. Wrapped them into a war
    4. Uploaded this to /public_html

    My problem is that I can't seem to hit the servlet properly. This is the servlet mapping section from my web.xml :


    When I test this on a local tomcat install its fine, the url

    (bah annoyingly I can't post urls as I haven't posted enough on these forums. Imagine these have http on the start )


    correctly hits the servlet.

    But when I try it against my eukhost servet using this url...


    ...I get an apache error - so it doesn't look like its even reaching Tomcat. I can see that tomcat is definitely there in some respects with this url


    It hits my test index.jsp correctly, and correctly fails because the request hasn't run through the servlet first.

    Hopefully someone can suggest what it is I need to do to make this work. I've had a look around and there still isn't much in the way of user guides or FAQs to get a basic servlet setup working so I'm a bit stumped!

    Thanks in advance,


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    I have created a support ticket FMT-60082-385 for this problem and updated you at your registered email ID.

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      Did anyone get the solution to this problem .. I have stuck to it for many days ...

      Can anyone please suggest something ..



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        Yeah I did manage to get a basic test servlet working thanks to the support guys. This is the response I got :


        Your issue has been finally resolved, there were two factors in this case which were causing issues.
        1. Bad web.xml aand
        2. is Entry for Test folder was not added in Tomcat Configuration file.


        I'm dubious about the bad web.xml bit because all that was changed in the working version was the servlet mapping name. I suspect its that second point that is the all important bit - its probably worth raising a support ticket and asking if they can do that for you.

        I had a search around for what "Entry for Test" means, but I can only assume its something specific to they way euk have setup the tomcat contexts.

        Hope this helps,