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Yahoo Gears Toolbar, Bookmarks For Social Search.

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  • Yahoo Gears Toolbar, Bookmarks For Social Search.

    Looking to bring social search to the mainstream and answer moves from rival Google, Yahoo! today put new versions of its Toolbar and Bookmarks products into beta testing.

    The new Yahoo! Toolbar features a bookmarks button to save and access bookmarks from any computer and a "search suggest" function that pairs search queries with relevant saved bookmarks.

    The new Yahoo! Bookmarks tool wears a new AJAX user-interface and features the ability to organize bookmarks through traditional folders or "tags."

    Users can also now share their bookmarks with friends via e-mail or Yahoo! Messenger.
    To know more about this visit www.
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    I do like the integration of bookmarks into the search and allowing it to share with others through email & yahoo messenger but I find Yahoo's toolbar less useful than others.