Installing multiple applications v. Drupal

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    Installing multiple applications v. Drupal

    Hello Folks,

    I'm an (almost) complete beginner with mySQL and website installations, but I'm quite knowledgeable about Relational databases generally.

    I'd like to set up a website for a small community group (a resident's association), and would like to keep things easy to start with, probably only one applications for forums. I'd probably choose XMB forum, as it's threaded and I've a strong preference for threaded. Shouldn't be too difficult, I hope.

    If the website does well, then I'd like to be able to extend it. The likely additions are
    1) a ticketing system for logging problems and minor repairs in the buildings and so-on.
    2) polls, surveys, or both
    3) A project management system for major repairs
    4) FAQs and or Wikis
    5) a Calendar for meetings and Events
    6) A full CMS, probably Drupal

    The question is. would I be better installing Drupal first, then adding the other applications on top? I don't have a specific preference for using the applications available on installatron, and I assume I'd find integrated modules for everything I want on Drupal

    The reason I'd go for Drupal is because I have the impression it has more flexibiity for setting up multiple levels of user access, which is something I'd want in the long run, but it might be overkill to get a basic forum started. On the other hand, it might save a lot of effort later on.

    To ask the question in another way:
    Can anyone give me a rough Idea of how long it would take to set up a couple of forums with 5-10 users using (1) Drupal, and (2) XMB. If there's only a couple of hours in it, I'd go for Drupal. There would only be a few users to start with, but it hopefully go up before long, but it would still only be 40-50 max.

    Thanks, Martin