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What is MySQL max connections?

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  • What is MySQL max connections?

    Sometimes when I visit a website, it shows me "Too Many Connections" error. After searching for it, I have found that it is about maximum number of connections allowed to the database. I want to know, what is this error and how to fix it? Is it possible to increase the size of mysql max connections?

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    Every hosting provider allows a specific number of MySQL connections with the hosting plans. This number depends on the hosting plan you choose. If the limit of MySQL connection is reached, you won't be able to connect to the MySQL database (due to which you cannot connect to the website).

    You will have to confirm with the hosting provider if they will increase the number of MySQL connections with the hosting plan. If they do not increase it, you will have to consider a higher configuration hosting plan or server.


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      Well, you can check how many mysql connections are allowed. You can go to your PhpMyAdmin, click on Variables tab. Now scroll below or Ctrl+F and search for "max connections". Infront of max connections, whichever figure is mentioned that is your maximum mysql connections limit.

      In order to increase the connection limit, you will need to contact your web hosting provider.