Can't connect to the database using .asp page ?

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    Can't connect to the database using .asp page ?

    Hello guys, I am having a little problem with my web host, I have dropped an email to them but they are not replying to my email.

    One of my client has chosen a windows hosting plan that allows .asp pages, but it doesn't allow access to .mdb database. So, if my client wish to use .asp page in order to connect the MySQL database, how it would be possible connecting mysql using asp ? Also, what code he will need to add or delete records from database ?

    Hello ,

    In order to connect to a MySql database using asp please use the following connection string

    string ConnStr = "Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};Server=localhost;" +
    Regarding the code to insert , delete data from the MySQL database your client needs to contact his web developer .