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    Large database support

    I am looking for web hosting package with large database capacity. I am planning to start a wiki site with Spanish language it also includes images. Please elaborate on this.

    Re: Large database support


    Can you please let us know the requirements for the Web hosting package you are looking forward to ? Requirements in the following sense :

    The OS (Operating System) platform you intend to have on a server : Windows OR Linux?

    Whether you wish to have your site hosted on :- Shared , Virtual or Dedicated Environment?

    System Requirements such as Number of RAM's, CPU's, HDD's that you feel appropriate for your website to run well.

    Well if you aren't too sure about these details, you can always seek help from us by visiting the Live Chat which is available at our website ( Our Sales Team should be able to assist you with finding an appropriate solution for your requirements.

    Technical Support Department.